Magical Bali

Eat. Pray. Love.

The first time I heard about Bali was from the book and movie, "Eat, Pray, Love". At first, I wasn't really that interested. But, over the years I grew more fascinated with this mystical place. So, I decided to head to Ubud and discover what Bali was really about. It was an enlightening experience.


Spiritual Journey

I was very fortunate to spend some time in Ubud. I met some great people who really showed me the value in living simply. As a city gal, sometimes it's easy to take the simple things in life for granted. Meeting the local people and seeing their friendly smiles and faces, made me feel so blessed to be in their presence. From visiting the holy temples and Ubud Palace to the beaches and waterfalls, I really enjoyed my stay. By the way, I had never seen "black sand" beaches before, so this was totally different.


Getting Out of My Own Way

The universe has a wonderful way of giving us what we need, even when we don't know what that is. Each of my trips have their own character and has given me different things. I have met other travelers on my journey and I have accepted that each person is a part of that specific story. Also, the biggest challenge that I had to overcome was being more "in the moment". With trying to always capture these experiences through pictures, the need to constantly photograph becomes the primary focus, instead of just admiring that time and space. I am learning to get out of my own way.


Holy Ground

One of the most beautiful things that I have witnessed in Ubud is the "Spirituality". From yoga, retreats and workshops to organic shops, restaurants, cafes, co-working spaces and spas, the holistic vibe is uplifting. Although, I am not a yogi, I admired the healthy living lifestyle that has been captured here. Ubud, can also be a contrast of sorts; one side you have the peaceful temples and the Monkey Forest with the cute little monkeys (who run the place), with Ubud Center that is very crowded and overrun with scooter bikes, terrible traffic and DOGS! I have never seen so many dogs in my entire life. For dog lovers, you will not be disappointed. But, it was truly a wonderful adventure. I will be heading back to explore other areas of Bali, as well.


I encourage those who are looking for something different to head to Ubud. If not for anything else, you must go for the $6-$7 massages!


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I enjoy a challenge and new opportunities to grow. I work hard to "stay in the moment". New paths lead to roads that you have never imagined. Be open, and let life guide you.


With the wonderful opportunity to visit beautiful places. There is still so much more to discover. I look forward to exploring and sharing with you.


Traveling provides a valuable education. I have met some amazing people who have taught me so much. You can't put a price on this type of experience.

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